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#COVID19 CORONAVIRUS OVERVIEW (13/10/2020): Zambia (ZM) Confirmed – 15,549, Recovered – 14,682, Deaths – 345; Malawi (MW) Confirmed – 5,824, Recovered – 4,659, Deaths – 180; Zimbabwe (ZW) Confirmed – 8,021, Recovered – 7,627, Deaths – 230; South Africa (ZA) Confirmed – 693,359, Recovered – 624,659, Deaths – 17,863; Mozambique (MZ) Confirmed – 10,088, Recovered – 7,550, Deaths – 72  Worldwide (WW) Confirmed – 38,100,378, Recovered – 28,637,375, Deaths – 1,086,417

Breaking News (13/10/2020): #COVID19 (Coronavirus) Globally the number of confirmed cases continues to rise and has breached the 38 Million mark with the reality of the “Twindemics” of Coronavirus & the Flu in the Northern Hemisphere as temperatures continue to drop in line with seasonal trends; EUROPE – Huge surge of infections affecting Europe and the Middle East. AIR TRAVEL in limbo for NOW

Indicative Regional Economic Indicators

Regional Currency Exchange Rates to USD($):

Regional Currency Exchange Rates to USD($): Zambia (ZMW) 19.62; Malawi (MWK) 742.15; Zimbabwe (ZWL) 82.6993 ; South Africa (ZAR) 16.93; Mozambique (MET) 71.15

Regional Inflation Rates:

Regional Inflation Rates (Monthly): Zambia (ZM) 15.50%; Malawi (MW) 8.0%; Zimbabwe (ZW) 838%; South Africa (ZA) 3.2%; Mozambique (MZ) 2.8%

Regional Interest Rates:

Regional Interest Rates (Daily): Zambia (ZM) 8%; Malawi (MW) 13.5%; Zimbabwe (ZW) 35%; South Africa (ZA) 3.50%; Mozambique (MZ) 10.25%

#COVID19 Officially Declared A worldwide PANDEMIC

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President Trump Hospitalised Due to #COVID19 Infection

October 4, 2020 – The President of the United States of America (USA), President Donald Trump is admitted into the Walter Reed Medical Facility which is a Naval Facility located in Bethesda. So far he is said to be stable and recovering well but will be hospitalised for a few days.

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#AfricaVsVirus Challenge

March 10, 2020 – The novel coronavirus #COVID19 Pandemic has brought severe & immeasurable damage / human suffering and major economic disruption throughout the world. In a period of less than three months over millions of people have been infected worldwide, with the virus currently affecting many diverse countries with different cultures and levels of economic development / sophistication. Multitudes of lives have been and continue to be lost with each passing day.

Africa Vs Virus campaign – afdb 2020

“In an attempt to slow down infections, governments worldwide have imposed isolation and social distancing measures that make it impossible to continue with face-to-face collaborative processes”. #AfricaVsVirus is creating an online platform in order to promote the fast and innovative co-creation of solutions to help African countries address some of their most pressing issues.

The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge will take place from April 17-19, 2020 online. Participants will have 72hs to collaborate in teams and build solutions to specific challenges. We will start with a kick-off session on April 16 at 18:30 GMT+1 and end on April 19 at 18:30 GMT+1.

Interested in making a lasting and profound contribution to address one the most aggressive challenges of the 21st Century please follow this link –

President Trump Calls #COVID19 the “China Virus” – How Deplorable!!!

March 19, 2020 – The President of the United States of America (USA) has repeatedly referred to the Coronavirus codenamed #COVID19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and ripping across the World as the “China Virus” (March 16 to 17, 2020). He and his officials have tried to defend indefensible by stating that it actually originated from China; hence their continued use of that label despite worldwide condemnation of the same.

The Chinese Government has rightfully taken great offence to that and have on the other hand fingered the American Government as the Source of the Virus in the First place (March 12, 2020). In fact the Chinese Government accused the United States of America government of causing fear, panic and confusion over the coronavirus whilst it was at its peak in China (February 3, 2020).

It would seem the Trump diatribe is a direct result of that discourse that is taking place in public and diplomatic spheres. But what is very clear is that the world could be moving its focus from Nuclear Weaponry and Space Race to a more sinister warfare; Biological Warfare. In this one there will be no winner as the effect transcends any man made boundaries and affects the whole world. The interconnectedness of the global village (Globalisation) has rendered the nationalist calls of recent years in USA and Europe null and void. We are a connected world and should find one another through the critical institutions like the United Nations and allied bodies.

Going forward, these institutions like the United Nations and its organs must reform and reflect the multi polar centres of power that exist in the world. There must a grater voice for South America, Africa and Asia on the world stage. These three after all contribute the largest number of people on planet earth. With the #COVID19 pandemic, Mother Nature has shown us all who is the boss. The Global Recession that is upon us is a stark reminder that we are stronger together than apart.

The United Kingdom might rue the decision to move out of the European Union at this juncture, Nationalism has been dealt a deafening blow.

March 11, 2020 – World is now facing up to a PANDEMIC after #COVID19 Coronavirus was DECLARED A PANDEMIC by the World Health Organisation @WHO. By definition “a pandemic is a disease that is spreading in multiple countries around the world at the same time” and the Head of WHO Dr Tedros said that “calling the outbreak a pandemic did not mean the WHO was changing its advice about what countries should do”.

March 12, 2020 The President of the United States @POTUS Donald Trump has suspended ALL Travel from Continental Europe (Save for the United KIngdom) for Thirty Days (30) starting Friday 13th March 2020 in the wake of a huge spike in #COVID19 Coronavirus infections in the United States of America (USA) and Europe. This is an unprecedented protectionist move by the World’s biggest economy which will have serious repercussions for the world markets. The already fractured Travel & Logistics business and the greater Supply Chain business will be greatly impacted at a huge cost to the World Economy. A looming World Recession could be looming as most countries use their reserved resources to fight the Pandemic Internally.

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Welcome to the web presence of Africa’s Newest News and Business Network which is coming complete with a vibrant Marketplace. The Marketplace is to empower the citizens and businesses in the African Union (AU), Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa (COMESA) and East African Community (EAC).

Intra African trade is currently at its lowest considering the technological advances that are occurring daily in terms of transportation and modes of transacting. It is in this context that NetAfriQ is aiming to bring a bridging platform to do the following:

  1. Introduce an Electronic Trading Platform,
  2. Create a credible Project Pipeline for potential investors and project owners to meet and consummate transactions for the benefit of the people in the region. These can be local or International Investors alike,
  3. Encourage the utilisation of the LOCAL Currencies of the countries in the region for Regional Trade and reduce dependency on the USD except as a peg for determining exchange rates in the interim,
  4. Develop a Regional News and Business opportunity sharing platform that talks to the aspirations and needs of its people, and
  5. Encourage regional tourism to ensure that economic benefit is circulating within the region

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