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The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) charged with the mandate to spearhead the Zambian Government’s commercial investments agenda aimed at strengthening Zambia’s industrial base and job creation.

The IDC was incorporated in January 2014 and is wholly owned by the Government through the Minister of Finance pursuant to the Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act Cap 349 of the Laws of Zambia. The IDC was established to create and maximise long-term shareholder value as an active investor and shareholder of successful state-owned enterprises, as well as undertake industrialisation and rural development activities through the creation of new industries.

The IDC’s corporate strategy of 2017 outlines the company’s strategic focus during the next five years. It also outlines the role the IDC will play in the industrialisation agenda for the country. Using this plan, the IDC will position itself to be Government’s principal special purpose vehicle for industrialisation and investment acceleration.

Investment Portfolio comprises State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) – Where the state is the Majority Shareholder and Investee Companies – where the State is the Minority Shareholder.

  1. Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) (Agriculture & Forestry)
  2. ZAMPALM Limited (Agriculture & Forestry)
  3. Indeni Petroleum Refinery(Energy)
  4. ZESCO (Energy)
  5. Indo-Zambia Bank (Financial Services)
  6. Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (Financial Services)
  7. Lusaka Trust Hospital (Health Care)
  8. Medical Stores Limited (Health Care)
  9. Zambia Daily Mail (Information & Communications Technology)
  10. ZAMTEL (Information & Communications Technology)
  11. Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone Limited (Manufacturing)
  12. Superior Milling Company (Manufacturing)
  13. Kagem Minerals Limited (Mining)
  14. ZCCM Investment Holdings PLC (Mining)
  15. Mulungushi Village Complex Limited (Real Estate)
  16. Mulungushi International Conference Centre (Tourism)
  17. Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) (Tourism)
  18. Mpulungu Harbour Corporation Limited(Transportation & Logistics)
  19. Zambia Railways Limited (Transportation & Logistics)
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